You can expect your children to have fun, laugh, play, run, sing, and dance.


I have a very laid back approach to my family portrait sessions. I love capturing children just as they are instead of trying to sit them still and have them smile on demand. My goal is keep things natural, complete with quirky expressions and serious looks. Please trust that I will know when to capture the perfect moment and let your children just be kids.



When should you have your portraits taken?

I use natural light at all times and will set the session up for the best available light. This is generally a few hours before sunset. I will make an exception for young children as they generally do best in the mornings.

When should I contact you?

I schedule family and children sessions a month or two ahead of time.

Where will you hang your portraits?

Plan ahead and visualize where you would like to hang your family portraits. I love creating wow-factor wall art for my clients. During your premiere ordering session, I can show you exactly what your favorite images will look like in your own home, leaving no surprises. A great family portrait warms a room more than any furniture you could purchase......it tells your guests what you value most.


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