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So you had your pictures taken, now what?


Having pictures taken is the first step and actually doing something with them is the next!

My goal as your photographer is to help make sure your memories don’t waste away on a hard drive never to be seen again.  I love to help clients display their new pictures and have carefully chosen gorgeous products that will last from generation to generation.  Helping you create beautiful ways to display your artwork is my goal as your photographer.  If you’re tired of looking at a blank wall, but don’t know where to start, or you’re not sure what prints look good together or maybe your stumped on sizing – I would love to help!

Send me a photo of your space and I’ll give you advice on how to create a stunning wall gallery!  Studies have shown that displaying family photos in the home has a positive impact on a child’s self-esteem.  How cool is that?!  Or check out the other beautiful products that I currently offer.

However, if you love a good DIY project and and have my permission to print anywhere of your choosing, I’d like to give you a few tips to get the best printed photos you can outside of a professional print lab.  Here’s a few things to consider:



All images are cropped and straightened during the editing process.  While I try to ensure there’s enough room around your family/child so that no important parts are chopped off by differed sized crops, it comes down to how it was photographed and how much was cropped to make the image artistically appealing.   Aspect ratios is related to the size of the image you print.  I crop all of your photos to a size that is most common for printing.  If you ever receive a “file size is too small” notice that means the image was cropped down and you are trying to print an image larger than recommended.



So you’re ready to print your photos but feeling a little overwhelmed by all the options available.  Kiosks, online printers, your local big box store, professional print labs….does it really make a difference where you choose to print your photos?  The answer is yes, it really does matter.  Even if you choose not to order through me, I still want you to receive great prints!

Professional labs constantly calibrate their printers to ensure correct color and sharpness and overall quality.  Budget, convenience labs, such as Walgreens, Target, CVS, etc. do not have the same quality standards and the prints reflect the difference.  If your gallery was delivered through my online ordering platform and you choose to order through the gallery, those prints will be printed on the highest quality paper through my preferred professional print labs, Millers and WHCC lab.  If you choose to print on your own elsewhere, I highly encourage you to use a consumer lab associated with a professional lab as they will have many of the same quality control mechanisms in place to ensure you receive quality products.

I highly recommend  They are a consumer lab associated with my preferred professional lab, Millers.  Their website is user-friendly and their quality far exceeds most other companies.  Having said that, as mentioned in the print release, I can only guarantee prints ordered directly through me.



The larger the print, the more the details in the image matter and the more the quality of the print matters.  Any print I order is sharpened individually based on the size and the print medium.  A 5×7 print requires a different preparation than a 30×40 canvas.  While sharpening for print isn’t always necessary for small prints, it is essential for large prints which is why I recommend ordering wall art through me so I can optimize the image for the desired outcome as well as print through a professional lab for the best results that will last for years to come – a true family heirloom piece.  Since the images are not individually prepared for print, I cannot guarantee the quality of prints larger than 8×10.



As stated in the contract you signed, Julie Scheuler Photography prohibits any alterations to the image files outside of normal cropping.  Editing any aspect of the image is not allowed.  I cannot guarantee the quality or color of a print or product if the files are altered.  When representing my work on social media, please refrain from adding filters to the images.  The integrity of my work is important to me.  My policies are set to protect my art, my business and my clients from receiving substandard products.



Your copyright release was included in your gallery or on your USB.


If you have any questions about your digital images, please do not hesitate to contact me!


All the best,





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